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Best Krakow Pub Crawl: Reviews & Tips from a Local

    The ultimate guide to the best Krakow Pub Crawl – experience the best of Krakow’s crazy nightlife! Each night, the vibrant bars, pubs and clubs welcome hundreds of girls and boys eager to party and meet new friends. Krakow’s nightlife is renowned for being some of the liveliest and cheapest in Europe, it’s no surprise that its awesome pub crawls are a must-do! But what are the best Krakow Pub Crawls? How to choose them and how to book them at the best price? Let’s go find out!

    What you’ll find in this guide to the best Krakow Pub Crawl:

    Krakow Pub Crawl: The Best Pub Crawl to Experience Krakow’s Legendary Nightlife

    Krakow is very famous for its vibrant nightlife. The city is teeming with pubs, bars and clubs and has a pleasantly casual vibe. In Krakow there are many students: thousands of boys and girls flock to the best bars every night, as well as hundreds of travelers from all over the world.

    Krakow is the ideal place to make new friends! Solo travelers and groups of friends shouldn’t miss Krakow’s most exciting nightlife experience, its legendary pub crawls. These are often offered to tourists on the street or in hostels. But how to avoid tourist traps and scams? Easy, just choose one of the greatest and best rated pub crawls in Krakow! Here you can find them all!


    Okay, there won’t be the usual music shows and fireworks displays in the Main Market Square this year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fun! Krakow boasts one of the most amazing nightlife scenes in Europe, so why not experience it? The friendly local guides of Krawl Through Krakow (famous for their pub crawls, which are said to be the longest running in Krakow) organize a huge New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl, expecting over 200 girls and boys from all over the world eager to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 together!

    For just 200 zł (approx. € 45) per person (one of the cheapest parties in town), you’ll get:

    👉 Not just one, but TWO HOURS of UNLIMITED ALCOHOL!
    Yes, you heard right: all you can drink! Beer, Wine, Polish Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Shots, Mixers and Champagne!
    👉 A huge all-you-can-eat buffet (including plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans);
    👉 FREE VIP Entry to 3 of the Best Bars and Clubs in Krakow;
    👉 FREE Welcome Shots in Each Bar;
    👉 Champagne at Midnight to Celebrate the New Year!

    Plus, you’ll have the support and entertainment of Krawl Through Krakow’s professional English-speaking guides, who will make sure you can fully enjoy the fun, in complete safety.

    The New Year’s Pub Crawl is hugely in demand, so make sure you book your spot early!



    Topping the list of best pub crawls in Krakow is the Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl, the longest running pub crawl in Krakow. Born in 2008 from the creativity and enthusiasm of some local girls and boys, it quickly established itself as one of the most exciting and best-rated nightlife experiences in Krakow.

    Their friendly Professional Pub Crawl Pro-Drunk Guides lead every night dozens of boys and girls, from backpackers to local students and travelers of all ages (provided they are at least 18 years old) through the best underground bars and clubs for a night full of fun, vodka and all sorts of drinks. The highlight of this pub crawl is the so-called “THE UNFAMOUS KRAWL THROUGH KRAKOW’S POWER HOUR”, an hour of unlimited drinks in one of the best bars in town (and we really really mean unlimited!), the ideal warm-up for a crazy night out, based on what you prefer: beer, rum, gin, whiskey and vodka, of course. Your tastes and your craving will surely be satisfied!

    You will be able to meet people from all over the world and have fun with different drinking games, such as the ever-present beer pong, flip club, drinking Jenga and so on. You will be able to discover at least three more Krakow’s top bars and clubs, the venues change from night to night offering an ever-changing experience, and you will get free welcome shots upon entry to each bar and club, as well as guaranteed skip-the-line entry to the best clubs.

    The price is affordable even for those traveling on the tightest budget: it’s only 90 zł for guys and 85 for girls (approx. 20 €), and the wristband provided at the start of the pub crawl allows you to take advantage of several discounts on bars and pubs, enough to make a second night full of cheap booze. In our opinion, Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl is a real must! One of Krakow’s pub crawls that you shouldn’t miss!

    We have tried it for you! Read our Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl Review!

    Krakow Crawl: Pub, Bar & Club Crawl

    The Krakow Pub, Bar & Club Crawl is by far the most popular Krakow’s pub crawl. It is held every evening and departs at 9.45 PM from Krakow’s Main Market Square. Whatever the season, this is one of the liveliest and most fun activities to do in the city.

    The tour begins in a first bar where you will have 1 hour of unlimited drinks. Yes, you got it right, you can drink as much as you can! You will be able to enjoy good beers, spirits, vodkas and much more. This is the perfect time to break the ice and meet tons of new people! The very friendly staff and the many drinking games will help!

    If you can survive this epic moment (which will be carefully documented by a professional photographer who will capture the most glorious moments of the pub crawl, just to give you a souvenir to take home) the tour continues in 3 other great venues. At each venue you will have free entry and a free welcome shot.

    At 2 AM the Krakow Pub Crawl leads to a crazy party in one of the best clubs in Krakow: here you can take advantage of VIP entry so you won’t have to wait in line. Here you can have fun as long as you want, perhaps until dawn.

    This pub crawl is hugely popular, so booking in advance is recommended. In addition to being one of the best, it is also one of the cheapest: all this costs just € 20. Haven’t booked yet?

    Krakow Animals Crawl: Pub Crawl with VIP Entrance

    The Krakow Animals Crawl Pub Crawl with VIP Entrance is another hugely popular pub crawl in Krakow, offering something very similar to the previous one and at the same price! So it’s a good alternative. In fact both are in high demand, so if one is fully booked, you might want to try the other.

    Here, too, you will have a glorious hour of unlimited alcohol, and then continue on to 4 other pubs, bars and clubs! At each venue you will get a free welcome shots and VIP entry. Then you will visit one more venue and at a more relaxed pace, as the pub crawl starts earlier, around 6.30 PM.

    The evening will take place in total safety and fun, also thanks to the super-friendly staff, whose brilliant motto is “Don’t think about it! Drink about it!”. Around 3.00 you will arrive at a large club where you will have VIP entry and you can continue to have a great time until dawn.

    Krakow Alternative Pub Crawl Tour

    While most Krakow pub crawls explore the glamorous nightlife of the old town, the Krakow Alternative Pub Crawl Tour takes place in the vibrant and informal alternative bars of Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter of Krakow. This area has recently become another popular nightlife spot and is very popular with students, artists, intellectuals and ordinary travelers looking for a cheap drink, good music and lots of fun!

    Here too you can visit 5 of the best and most beautiful bars and pubs, where you can enjoy good music and discover some of the less touristy venues. You can start with drinking games and 1 hour of unlimited booze! Then, at each venue you will get free access and a welcome drink. The pub crawl lasts 4 hours and at the end you can choose to chill out at your bar of choice or continue the party in one of the best clubs in the city, where you will have free access. This pub crawl is only held on weekends.

    Krakow Boat Party: The Crazy Alternative to a Krakow Pub Crawl

    Do you want to take your fun to the next level? Then you should try the crazy Krakow Boat Party! This is not just a pub crawl, but a wild boat ride on the Vistula River: you will enjoy fabulous views over the city, while enjoying the party atmosphere and unlimited free booze!

    The calm river flows right in front of Wawel Hill, Kazimierz and some of the quietest neighborhoods in the city. On Saturday evening, the river is the perfect setting for a crazy boat party: at sunset the boats set sail full of boys and girls eager to party! The atmosphere is so vibrant and wild – it’s like a floating club! You will be able to meet lots of new people, dance, have fun with drinking games and drink as much as you can!

    You will have 2 hours of boat party: which means 2 hours of music, fun and new friends. And best of all, 2 hours of unlimited alcohol! Yes, you got it right!

    And after the boat party? The fun goes on with a pub crawl: led by the super-friendly guides and in total safety, the group will go to the old town, where you will visit 3 other great clubs! At each venue you will get VIP entries, no lines and free welcome shots.

    Krakow Boat Parties have one drawback: they are held only on Saturday nights and are in high demand. So, if you happen to be in Krakow on a Saturday, book early!

    Krakow Pub Crawl: What to Expect

    Krakow Pub Crawls are the epitome of party fun in Krakow! Sure, you could wander around some bars on your own, go party at some club. But it’s not the same at all! Krakow Pub Crawls are some of the best in Europe, and that’s because they’re cheap and super fun!

    You will meet tons of boys and girls from all over the world. Even if you are shy, you will immediately get into the right mood to party, because the guides and the atmosphere are engaging and it will be very easy to enter into conversation. Could it be for the party-going and carefree mood, for the many drinking games, or for the tons of unlimited alcohol that you can have?

    Krakow Pub Crawls are popular in any season: in winter it is very pleasant to wander around the city and warm up with a few drinks in the warm bars. In the summer the party never ends! The average age of Krakow Pub Crawl participants is between 20 and 30, but there are also many significant exceptions! The important thing is to want to have fun and have the minimum age (18 yo). With just a few bucks, you can enjoy the best of Krakow’s nightlife!

    Krakow Pub Crawl FAQs

    What are the best Krakow Pub Crawl?

    The best Krakow Pub Crawls are undoubtedly the Krawl Through Krakow Pub Crawl (the best-rated pub crawl in Krakow since 2008), the Krakow Crawl – Pub, Bar & Club Crawl and the Krakow Animals Crawl – Pub Crawl with VIP Entrance. They are also the most popular and experienced ones – they have been around for many years and have hundreds of positive reviews from travelers and partygoers!

    Where does the Krakow Pub Crawl take place?

    Most of the Krakow Pub Crawls take place around Krakow’s Main Market Square. The best operators have partnerships with several of the best bars and clubs in the old town, so you will visit different venues, which can change every night at the discretion of the local guides.
    An exception is the Krakow Alternative Pub Crawl Tour, which takes place in the heart of Kazimierz, a lively district located a short distance from the old town.

    Which is better between Krakow Pub Crawl and Krakow Boat Party?

    Imho, the Krakow Boat Party is one of the coolest experiences to do in Krakow – you’ll get more fun and unlimited booze! Here the open bar lasts 2 hours and after the boat party you will have a sort of club crawl in the heart of the old town.
    However, Krakow Boat Parties are only held on Saturdays and availability is very limited. They are also not as super-cheap as the Krakow Pub Crawls, even if they are worth the price!
    On the other hand, the Krakow Pub Crawls are held every night, they are hugely popular and are definitely a must do in Krakow!

    What is the minimum age to participate in a Krakow Pub Crawl?

    You will need to be of the minimum legal drinking age, which is 18 in Poland.

    Is there a maximum age to participate in a Krakow Pub Crawl?

    Absolutely not, you can safely bring your great-grandfather too!

    What are the prices of the best Krakow Pub Crawl?

    Prices for the best Krakow Pub Crawls start from 85 PLN, which is around 20 €. So, for the price of a good cocktail you will get your fill of fun!

    Can I join a Krakow Pub Crawl on New Year’s Eve?

    Krakow Pub Crawls on New Year’s Eve are in huge demand! Then you should check the availability on GetYourGuide. If you are lucky enough to find it available, you should book ASAP!

    Are Krakow Pub Crawls Safe?

    It is probably safer to party with a Krakow Pub Crawl than on your own. So you will avoid scams and troubles. The guides are experienced local guys, they are super friendly and helpful. Their job is to allow you to have fun in total safety, and to ensure the safety of all the other participants.
    At a pub crawl – in Krakow as anywhere else – people are expected to be in a party mood. Even if you have unlimited booze, you should drink responsibly.

    Is it safe for female solo-travelers to join a Krakow Pub Crawl?

    Yep, it’s quite common to meet other female solo-travelers on a Krakow Pub Crawl. In fact, pub crawls were invented precisely to allow solo travelers to meet new people and have fun.

    Can I participate even if I am alone?

    Sure! It is the best thing you could do to have fun in Krakow!

    Can we participate even if we are a group of friends?

    Sure! It is recommended to book well in advance, especially if you are a large group or are traveling in July, August or December!

    Can we participate even if we are a stag or hen party?

    Sure! Krakow Pub Crawls are one of the most popular things to do during a stag or hen party in Krakow. As already mentioned, it is best to book well in advance!

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