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Moszna Castle: Things to Do and Travel Tips (2023)

    Moszna Castle is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking castles in Southern Poland, conveniently located just 200 km from Krakow. Boasting an impressive 99 turrets and a staggering 365 rooms, this enchanting noble residence is surrounded by a lush park adorned with flower gardens and even a serene lake. With its captivating blend of architectural styles, rich history, and captivating legends, Moszna Castle stands as a shining example of romantic fairy-tale and eclectic architecture.

    For travelers seeking a magical experience, this castle is a must-visit destination in the vicinity of Wroclaw, Katowice, and, of course, Krakow. The interiors, though partially accessible to the public, house the charming Moszna Zamek Hotel, where visitors can immerse themselves in the castle’s unique ambiance. Additionally, the premises offer a good restaurant and a cozy café, ensuring that visitors can savor both the architectural splendor and culinary delights of this remarkable place.

    What you will find in this guide to visiting Moszna Castle:

    Moszna Castle: Curious Facts and Things to Know Before You Go

    Moszna Castle, located in the small village of Moszna in South-Western Poland, within the Opolskie Region, is probably the best example of romantic fairy-tale and eclectic architecture in Poland, with its stunning towers, gardens, greenhouses and sumptuous stairways.

    Positioned between the towns of Prudnik and Krapkowice, Moszna enjoys a contrasting setting. Prudnik, a modern and rather anonymous town, juxtaposes with Krapkowice, which boasts a beautiful market square reflecting the traditional style of Upper Silesia, the region it belongs to, located near the border with the Czech Republic.

    At its core, Moszna Castle features an old Baroque palace dating back to the 17th century, which according to local legend belonged to the Knights Templar. Throughout its history, the palace passed through the hands of various owners, primarily Prussian and Silesian noble families, like the Von Skall family. Notably, Georg Wilhelm von Reisewitz, cousin of Ursula Von Skall and Grand Marshal of the court of Frederich the Great, King of Prussia, also owned the castle.

    Moszna Castle Poland Krakow

    Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 1896 when a fire destroyed the palace. However, Franz Hubert von Tiele-Winckler, who inherited the estate from his father, took on the task of rebuilding and overseeing its redesign. The enchanting Moszna Castle as we know it today is believed to have been conceived and built as a result of his efforts.

    In the early 1900s, some minor changes were introduced, such as the addition of the neo-Gothic side wing and the neo-Renaissance style western wing, inspired by a visit from the German Emperor Wilhelm II, who came for a hunting excursion. This blend of architectural styles contributes to the castle’s unique character.

    During WWII, Moszna Castle endured occupation and damage by the Red Army. After the war, it became state property and was eventually transformed into a psychiatric sanatorium. After the sanatorium closed in 2013, the castle was restored and opened to visitors, often hosting music and art exhibitions and festivals.

    Nestled within an expansive park, featuring a beautiful garden and even a lake, Moszna Castle covers an area of over 8000 square meters, boasting an enormous and eclectic structure comprising 365 rooms and an astounding 99 towers! Greenhouses, fountains, woods, and meadows surround the castle, creating a picturesque landscape. While only a portion of the interior is accessible to visitors, the castle also houses the elegant Moszna Zamek Hotel, providing an opportunity for a truly unique and memorable stay.

    Conveniently located about 200 km from Krakow, Moszna Castle is a popular destination for day trips. Private guided tours are available from Krakow, Wroclaw, and Katowice, with some tours including a visit to another nearby famous castle, Plawniowice Palace. Alternatively, those with their own cars might find it worthwhile to embark on a multi-day trip to explore this picturesque part of Poland. Moszna Castle is a hidden gem, gaining popularity among locals but still relatively unknown to mass tourism.

    Moszna Castle: Things to Do and See

    The visit to Moszna Castle begins with its wonderful gardens, where one can best admire the elegance and refinement of the Palace, reminiscent of a scene from Cinderella’s castle with its marvelous towers and stairways.

    As you walk along the tree-lined avenue, you’ll find the entrance staircase, which is accompanied by a large rectangular fountain. The garden itself provides the perfect setting for a tranquil stroll, and you might consider following the path that leads to the shores of the lake. An additional highlight within the park is a famous 2000-year-old pine tree.

    While the interiors of Moszna Castle are partially open to visitors, it’s essential to note that some areas might be undergoing renovations as the castle is gradually returning to its former glory. Among the spaces available for exploration are the banquet halls, several bedrooms, the chapel, the library, the ballroom, and the elegant corridors with beautiful stairways and wooden furniture. However, it is fair to say that the interiors do not quite live up to the splendor of the fabulous exteriors.

    Moszna Castle Poland Travel Guide

    The guided tour offers a fascinating insight into the history of the castle and its previous owners, which is further enriched by the preservation of their portraits within its walls. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to ascend the castle towers and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding gardens.

    For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, there are extended tours that include visits to the dungeons, the crypt, and some chambers and towers that are not typically accessible to regular visitors. However, it’s essential to be prepared as these tours involve walking for over 1 km and climbing over 3000 steps.

    Moreover, within the castle, there is a good restaurant situated in the elegant banquet hall. It provides a perfect setting for guests and visitors to enjoy a delightful meal. Furthermore, a café within the restaurant offers an inviting space for relaxing with a refreshing drink or enjoying a cup of coffee.

    Moszna Castle Tickets

    There are different tickets for the gardens and the castle. Entrance to the gardens is free from November to March, while from April to October it costs 8 PLN.

    Tickets for the interior of the castle start from 12 PLN (reduced 8 PLN), and include a guided tour (also in English). The visit to the towers requires an additional ticket starting from 10 PLN. There are also some family tickets starting from 20 PLN.

    How to Get to Moszna Castle

    Moszna Castle is easily accessible by car from Krakow (3 hours), Wroclaw (1.5 hours) and Katowice (1.5 hours). There are also some private guided tours from Krakow that include round-trip transportation. Otherwise there are also tours from Wroclaw and from Katowice.

    If you are not traveling with your own car, renting one in Krakow or any other major city in Poland is a convenient option. Car rental rates in the country are highly affordable, as are petrol prices. To secure the best rates, you can check out websites like Rentalcars or Discovercars. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive guide to car rental in Krakow to provide you with additional advice and practical info.

    Near the castle there is a large parking lot (for a fee). The local train station is no longer active, so you cannot get to Moszna Castle by train. There are some buses that pass through Strzelce Opolskie and arrive near the castle, but if you are coming from Krakow it may take several changes, so it would be a long and uncomfortable journey.

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